Our broad-based offering enables us to provide our customers with the service that they seek, be it fully comprehensive or just in one of our areas of expertise.


Trend Scouting

  • finger on the pulse of all the latest trends and fashions,
  • Situated in the centre of fashion capital of the world and with direct connections to the industry
  • Attend premiere fashion shows, general exhibitions and have access to creative agency publications to know all the latest happenings

Photorealistic design

  • Equipped with the latest in design technology, allowing us to create true-to-life designs and a clear, tangible way to present them to our clients

Prototyping / sampling

  • Broad supplier base allows prototyping and sampling in minimum time enabling us to share samples in 7-14 days.
  • Closely connected with raw material suppliers, who provide and develop the latest materials, with specific focus on the environmentally conscious and sustainable approach wherever possible
  • Merchandising team on the ground means that we are at the markets and factories to ensure that sampling is perfectly in line with our customer requirements and expectations


Project management (digital)

  • Using up-to-the-minute software providing us with total transparency on our project management activities
  • Our programs allow each person in the chain to know the exact status of each project, what has been done, what is coming up and which person on the project team is required to take action. This allows a closer control at any given moment, but also avoids human error and potential quality issues


  • Expert team of merchandisers based at the heart of the production core of China – Dongguan
  • Within easy reach of all key material markets in southern China; excellent network to production facilities of all manner of materials, be it textile, PU, plastics, metals etc
  • Coming from diverse backgrounds within the sourcing and production industry, each bringing with them expertise in certain types of products
  • We have the right person for the job, regardless of what item our customer is looking for ensuring that the products we offer are optimally produced, reducing costs and with the materials best suited to each individual item

Quality control

  • Team of certified QC and QA for optimum quality assurance, in line with leading industry standards
  • QA team ensures that our material and product suppliers are fully aware of compliance requirements, both chemical and physical and that all finished goods are meeting these
  • QC team steps in from the sampling stage to review all projects with the production facilities, certain that all customer requirements are achievable and actionable. Every item risk assessment review to foresee any potential issues, discuss material limitations and assures the factory is aware and equipped to provide finished goods matching customer expectations


Logistics / end-to-end

  • We offer 360-degree logistical solution through our own Mercury platform
  • On-line ordering platform through to full punch-out option
  • Proven cost savings via consolidation and global shipping through our freight partners